picture of a troubled man
picture of a troubled man

Mandatory Changes (Transparency of Practice)

The cost of abuse, to the victim, socially and in rectification is staggering. Factor in costs of policing, courts and imprisonment of the offender and We believe the additional cost of implementing the mandatory changes below  is much more likely to make considerable  savings rather than increase overall costs for care.


1.    Carers working in pairs 
2.    Inexperienced  carers paired with an experienced carer
3.    Regular ongoing assessment of carer
4.    Carers not overworked doing too many hours back to back (maximum set hours per day and breaks per week) minimum staffing levels (if these cannot be met then mandatory closure) 
5.    More realistic pay for carers (to do this job correctly requires skills)  
6.    Liability, where abuse can be proven, culminating in significant consequence for offender(s)
7.    Culturing new norm of reporting abuse at ALL levels from management down. Ensuring that staff making reports feel comfortable in doing so and are encouraged to do so. 
8.    Covering up incidents by care service providers becoming an offence punishable by fine or closure.
9.    Employment of independent monitoring service that regularly speaks to clients, and or family members. (CQC is effective at finding problems only AFTER they have occurred. This is not good enough.
10.    Intelligence collected by social services on personal files has to  to be accurate. In cases where intelligence is being challenged or found to be inaccurate, records need to be capable of deletion where there is misleading or false information on a clients records.


We realise that #10 which brings social services into the equation may seem a little strange. However, in our experience we have found that where a clients files have both inaccurate information therein, and information of a clients own abuse is not mentioned. This is unhelpful in so many ways and further can  and does  cause ongoing harm to the client.

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